Chelsea, New York 2013


On a mission to deliver contemporary Japanese art to art lovers around the world, NEW CITY ART FAIR first opened its doors to the public in New York in March 2012. The second volume was held in Taipei in November 2012, and the third volume was held back in New York in March 2013. In April 2013, NEW CITY ART FAIR kicked off its fourth volume “ NEW CITY ART FAIR Osaka”at Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka, Japan. Fifteen galleries from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Nara, and Sapporo participated in the art fair with over 1,500 people attending for the VIP reception on the first day. Attendees included art collectors, VIPs, artists, and art-lovers from mainly Kansai area. Talk events and tours led by the director of NEW CITY ART FAIR were held during the art fair. By having these intelligible events for visitors, it was able to raise their understandings to contemporary art. About 8,000 visitors came through the art fair, and this fourth volume in Osaka discovered the possibility of a new art market in Japan.

日本の現代アートを世界のアートファンに届けようと、昨年3 月にニューヨークで初めて開催されたNEW CITY ART FAIR。
同年11 月の台湾、今年3 月のニューヨークを経て、第4 回目となるNEW CITY ART FAIR は、国内で初めて、大阪・阪急うめだ本店にて開催いたしました。今回の開催では、15 件の現代アートギャラリーが出展し、初日4 月24 日にはVIP レセプションを開催。
関西圏のアート関係者やコレクターを始め、1500 人の方にお越しいただきました。会期中は、トークイベントやNEW CITY ART FAIRディレクターによるツアーなど、一般のお客様にも分かりやすいイベントを行ったことで、現代アートへの理解を高めることができました。会期を通じて約8000 人のお客様にご来場いただき、新たなアート市場の可能性を見出す本開催となりました。


April 24th - April 28th, 2013
Hankyu Umeda Main Store 9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery
(Chelsea, 529 W 20th St. 2w, New York, NY)
Art Lab TOKYO / Satelites ART LAB , EARTH+ GALLERY / gallery COEXIST-TOKYO , Gallery Kobo CHIKA , GALLERY KOGURE , Gallery OUT of PLACE , Gallery TEN ,
hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO , KOKI ARTS , MATSUO MEGUMI +VOICEハGALLERY pfs/w , Picture Photo Space: Viewing Room , Queen Projects by LUIUL , salon cojica , TOKYO ART SHELF (Komiyama Shoten & Bohemianユs Guild) , Tomio Koyama Gallery
8,000 including art collectors, artists, museums, critics, writers, press, professionals,
and the general audience
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NEW CITY ART FAIR Osaka was held at a department store as a new venue for an art fair. Participating galleries showcased unique artworks, and the visitors really enjoyed the variety of expressions, and the quality of the event. It is also a pleasure of art fairs to experience live performances and talk events, and talk with artists.


Installation Views

Special Exhibition

The Official Art Print Edition 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

This project featured a panorama of artworks by a world class selection of 23 artists. In their artworks a tale of football and Brazilian life and culture unfolds. Hideaki Kawashima, who is an artist of one of this art fair’s exhibitors TOMIOKOYAMA GALLERY, has been selected among the world-class artists such as Fernand Léger, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons. 13 pieces from this print edition series were exhibited at NEW CITY ART FAIR Osaka.

オフィシャルアートプリントエディション2014 FIFA ワールドカップ・ブラジル展

本企画は、世界に誇る23 人のアーティストが、サッカーやブラジルの生活をテーマとして制作したプリント作品のプロジェクト。フェルナン・レジェ、ジャン=ミシェル・バスキア、キース・へリング、ジェフ・クーンズなど、名だたるアーティストたちと共に、今回出展する小山登美夫ギャラリー所属のアーティスト、川島秀明さんが選ばれており、このプリントエディションシリーズから13 点をセレクトした展覧会を会場内の小山登美夫ギャラリーブースで開催いたしました。

Talk Events

The talk events were the substantial contents of the art fair which include “Teach me, Mr. Koyama!” by Tomio Koyama who is one of the representative gallery directors in Japan and also first participated in NEW CITY ART FAIR, and “Contemporary Art Enjoyed in Life” by an art advisor Kumi Okumura. Gallery Tour by Kentaro Totsuka, the director of NEW CITY ART FAIR, was held every morning during the art fair. Participants went around each booth with the director, and exhibitors explained and discussed about the artworks.

今回初参加の日本を代表するギャラリスト、小山登美夫さんによるトークイベント「教えて!小山さん」や、 アートアドバイザー奥村くみさんのレクチャー「暮らしの中で楽しむ現代アート」なども開催し、充実した企画内容となりました。また、連日午前中にはNEW CITY ART FAIR ディレクター戸塚憲太郎によるギャラリーツアーとしてお客様と一緒に各ブースを周り、見どころを分かりやすくご案内いたしました。


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Press Reviews

After the New York and Taipei edition, NEW CITY ART FAIR Osaka, as the first opened in Japan, attracted a lot of media from art to fashion and culture fields. About thirty media outlets mentioned the fair including BLOULIN ARTINFO, CINRA .NET, vogue news, FASHION HEADLINE, ARTcollector’s in ASIA.

ニューヨークや台北の開催を経て、今回日本初開催としてメディアからも注目されたNEW CITY ART FAIR。ウェブ媒体を中心にアート系をはじめ、多くのファッションやカルチャーを紹介するメディアで取り上げられました。掲載媒体はBLOULIN ARTINFO, CINRA .NET, vogue news, FASHION HEADLINE, ARTcollector’s in ASIA など約30 媒体。